Ábel’s Cradle Guest House is located in Eastern Transylvania, in the heart of the land of the

Székelys, in Farkaslaka, the birthplace of Áron Tamási

The pansion is after Marosvásárhely and Szováta, 10 km before Székelyudvarhely close to the

tomb of Tamási.

Weeping willows surrounding our garden and a big parking place keep away the noises of the

main street.

We are offering the simplicity of Ábel and the comfort of a cradle to our guests wishing to have

a rest.

You can park your car safely in our  wide courtyard where cooking in a stew-pot or having  a

barbecue is also possible.

We can offer plenty to eat for breakfast or dinner for those who wish.

The wanderer who wants to have a rest or to have a good time will find the opportunity here.

We are ready to do programs and trips together as the guests are our friends as well.