The birthplace of Abel Pension also organizes bus trips, which for larger groups is looking for 17 people to up to 50 people.

1st Day: Arrival in the afternoon Farkaslaka: We cordially welcome the birthplace of Abel panziónál: toast, verse, singing welcome to the guests, which after a short conversation, dinner and take szálláshelyüket. Lupeni Székelyudvarhely or discretion.

Day 2: Red Lake and the Strait Bekas
After breakfast we travel through the roof-Bucsin Gyergyóimedencébe. Szárhegy visit the castle, which is the seventeenth. Century Renaissance, one of the most aristocratic mansion was. (Here, Bethlen Gabor, Prince spent his childhood as well). The Pongrácztetőn we cross the Red Lake, where the water was still visible remnants of pine trees (a rare natural phenomenon). The Békásszoros gorge through an unforgettable spectacle of natural features are waiting for travelers. The felcsíki Mádéfalvára traveling through the Basin, where we commemorate the 200-Szekely martyr.

3rd day: Csíksomlyóról Gyimes the region of
Csíksomlyó following morning visit of the famous chapel. Then Szépvizi Valley, and the Fügéstetőn Gyimesi Gyimesi we pass through. (A Ghimeş tourist attraction for folk art, poetry, dance traditions are. Gyimes Csangos still live here, preserved folklore traditions.) Gyímesbükkben visit to the Rákóczi-Varna and the "millennial" border.

Fourth Day: St. Anne's Lake, Tg
After breakfast in the scenic St. Ann's Lake go. The lake in the crater of Mount Csomád nestling in a nature reserve in eastern Europe's only remaining intact volcanic crater, visit the adjacent marsh Mohos.

5th Day Korond, Praid, Sovata
Corund, Transylvania, an ancient pottery center, where can buy the colorful ceramics. Continue traveling Parajd visit the salt mines. Subsequently Szováta traveling, the most famous resort on the famous Salt and Transylvania's most popular summer resorts. Good swimming weather. Sovata five salt lakes in two authorized bathing, which is a great experience, we can only recommend to everyone.

6th Day towns, Secuiesc, Sighisoara
Consumed as breakfast, adjacent Szejkefürdőre visit, the "greatest Szekely," Orban Balazs very special, the tomb is decorated with 12 different styles of Szekely. The next village is presumably Szekely, Secuiesc. The city's latest attraction is the sculpture park, which the Hungarian and Szekely emulate commemorates the history.) Fehéregyházára onward, the Petofi Museum and Memorial Park View. Short rest in the village next to the Petofi Monument, site of the presumed death of great poet. Subsequently, the old Saxon town of Sighisoara, romantic medieval old town, getting to know (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Farkaslaka return home, where you can visit his tomb Tamási. Then I'd arrive in the village streets of Transylvania, the famous writer birthplace, where a small museum. The caretaker of the memorial Tamasi Aron's brother is now retired child.

7th day: After breakfast, half or viszaindulás Targu Mures to Budapest.

Upon request, one - two in the evening with music, dance evenings are organized!

The 6-day offer price fees.

Budapest, Székely, and back to Budapest:
235 Euro / person, such as pension Lupeni 3 in the morning in the hotel, dinner with the restaurant.
After a free 20 people.

Prices include travel, accommodation, breakfast, dinner, entrance tickets and guides.

Abel Pension in the cradle of love will host the visitors!